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Henry Gruver

"Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound; they shall walk, O Lord, in the light of Thy countenance."  Psalm 89:15

Joyful Sound Ministries was started by the late Henry Gruver, a “Prayer Walker to the World.”  He started walking with the Lord on the Skid Row streets of Phoenix, Arizona in 1961 at the age of 16. Known widely for his detailed visions for nations, his ministry spanned many continents and 54 countries. 

In his own words, Henry called himself a "world-walking prayer warrior."

In an article about Henry, reporter Liu Weiqun of New Life Taiwan  wrote: "...Henry was originally a very shy person, but when he decided to give his life to the Lord, God used him to become a warrior of evangelism. 17-year-old Henry was originally a very introverted high school student.  One day, he went with his mother to a revival meeting, and on the stage, the man preaching the sermon suddenly asked Henry, "Do you know what God called you to do?"  Then he prophesied that he would go to the world to preach the gospel and bring many people to the Lord. "I started thinking that the man was crazy, I was going to be an engineer! And I was so introverted." Henry said jokingly.  But he was willing to take a step for God."  Though it was difficult to believe that prophecy would be accomplished, Henry found that God constantly pulled and shaped his life, and he has had the opportunity to speak in front of leaders in many countries for the glory of God.

Family Portrait Gruvers.png

Hank Gruver

Henry's Youngest Son

Hank, Henry's youngest son is now carrying the torch after Henry passed away.  To read the back story

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