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Japan 2023 Fall trip

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ

October 10th marks the fourth anniversary of my dad’s passing. While we greatly miss him and mom we rejoice in the good works the Lord is doing. Almighty God has opened a door for me to continue the work in Japan Hallelujah I will be arriving October 10th with a few other brothers in Christ. Not only will I arrive on the anniversary of my dads Heavenly homecoming but also the 28th anniversary of the first trip to Japan (see below picture) WOW God is so good. We will be in Japan October 10-23 we greatly appreciate your prayers and intercessions for the team and my family back home (my wife Heather of 21 years our sons Carter 16yrs old and Henry 6th 14yrs old and our daughter Gracie 5yrs old ) Please check out the website for blog updates also updates are available on the Henry Gruver Facebook page.Blessings Hank and Heather Gruver

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